WordPress CDN integration using WP Fastest Cache | CDN77

Before you take any steps please backup your WordPress site and database (just to be safe)

1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.

2. Hover your mouse over “Plugins” and click “Add New.”

3. In the “Search” box, type “WP Fastest Cache” and click “Search Plugins.”

4. Click “Install Now.” A prompt dialog will open and…
— Read on client.cdn77.com/support/knowledgebase/cms-integration/wordpress-cdn-integration-using-wp-fastest-cache

Order the SaeboFlex by Saebo

The SaeboFlex allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments, such as stroke, the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home. These unique orthoses position the wrist and fingers into extension in preparation for object manipulation. The user is able to grasp objects by voluntarily flexing his or her fingers. Once the fingers relax (stop gripping), the extension spring system assists in re-opening the hand to release the object.
— Read on www.saebo.com/shop/saeboflex/

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